Brian Santero

As Trombonist

As Technologist

Brian Santero, from the Hudson Valley region of New York, is a classically trained alto, tenor, and bass trombonist who enjoys performing as a solo, chamber, and orchestral musician.

In the fall of 2014, he joined the San Antonio Symphony, as Principal Trombone, led by Maestro Sebastian Lang-Lessing. Brian has also performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony, Boston Symphony Orchestra Brass and others. While studying with Nitzan Haroz and Blair Bollinger at the Curtis Institute of Music, he was appointed Principal Trombone with Symphony in C in New Jersey.

In recent times, Brian was a fellow at the 2012 Tanglewood Music Center, 2011 Music Academy of the West, and 2009 Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. There, he studied with top orchestral trombonists such as Mark Lawrence, Ralph Sauer, Toby Oft, Steve Lange, and James Markey.

Brian was the Grand Prize winner at the Steven Zellmer Trombone Competition and the Lewis Van Haney Philharmonic Prize Tenor Trombone Competition in 2013. He was also the Grand Prize winner of the International Trombone Association’s Alto Trombone Competition and the Larry Wiehe Trombone Competition in 2011.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys a fully analog to digitally converted life as an audio engineer, audiophile, photo/videographer, and web programmer.

As a non-classically trained newcomer to the tech field, Brian has distinguished himself as a quick-learning, motivated, snazzy, buzz-worded worker. Ever since his brother Chris Santero helped him build his first computer, Brian has been insatiably curious in the ways of hardware and gadgetry.

Although a recent injectee into the scene, Brian has found ways to create his own niches, whether it be through programming or recording. After graduating from the Curtis Institute of Music, Brian came under the employ of Curtis as a Video Assistant and Editor manning cameras, changing hard disks, and cutting clips. This helped him start on his audio and video recording journey.

Now at home in the booth as he is on stage, Brian is willing and able to tackle any ensemble from a solo guitar to a chamber orchestra. Or code their websites, or the metronome and drones for them to practice to. Whatever you need, Brian can help you figure it out.